Adeline Adelina 


MEDIUM: I would describe my art as painterly—collage illustrations with a bit of sexuality and whole lot of vibrant color. I create my art through Photoshop and Illustrator and start by finding a base image, then I create around that image.

INSPIRATION: Sometimes I will have a solid idea that I want to run with, and sometimes I just end up having fun until I come up with something that I like. Most of the time, I try to say something within my art.

PROCESS: I spend a great deal of time on details and making sure images that I’m using are cut out perfectly, blurred and sharpened to make them look real and cohesive to the design. I am always trying to challenge myself with each new design. My whole point with these projects is to keep learning, try new methods and to not get too tied down to a specific style.


San Francisco

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